Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has slammed the US for its interventionist policies, which he says are responsible for “all the suffering” in the Arab world. Bashir made the remarks during an interview with the Russian broadcaster RT’s Arabic Channel on Sunday. 

The Sudanese president said the events in Syria, Iraq, and Libya “are the result of the US, the Western meddling; it’s a manifestation of colonialism, which has just one aim to it – establishing control over the region and its natural resources."

Bashir described Washington’s policies in the Middle East and North Africa as “harmful and destructive,” saying “all the suffering that is going in the Arab world is the work of the US.”

In addition, Bashir said the Sudanese people believe that, since the Soviet Union fell in 1991, “injustice and oppression has prevailed around the globe,” as Washington “began running things with impunity in many regions, including ours.”

 Bashir said his country is constantly being pressured by international organizations “due to its firm stance, which is antagonistic toward US policies in the region.”

 “We’re talking about regime change in Sudan to put in power the new regime that would obey the West,” the Sudanese president said.

 Sudan is facing crises on several fronts, including in its Darfur region, where rebels have been engaged in an armed conflict with the government in Khartoum since 2003. According to UN estimates, the bloody conflict has left 300,000 people dead and displaced 2 million others.

 In July 2011, Sudan also saw its southern regions secede to form the now independent state of South Sudan.