Help our Kalinago Indian mother recover from Hurricane Maria

Help our Kalinago Indian mother recover from Hurricane Maria

Our mother, Eugenia Louison, along with her pet cats and a few friends have recently survived the devastating Category 5 Hurricane that hit the Island of Dominica.  In the nineteen days since the passing of Hurricane Maria, we have had only two telephone conversations with our mother and still do not yet know her full experience during the hurricane. Telephone calls had to be kept short and the second call was of terrible quality. Unfortunately, the indigenous territory does not have any telephone communications now and from the outlook, it can take many weeks until communications are restored to an acceptable degree. Initial estimations on the full restoration of electricity in the Kalinago Territory has been given as 10 months. Until then, any major work on her property cannot be fully achieved and her condition at present appears to be ‘survival mode’.

Our mother's roof was destroyed. However, she survived in her guest house, now currently serving as temporary accommodation for her, her cats and a few of her friends. We know that one pet cat has survived but are not sure about the other.

Due to the still ongoing serious lack of communications, power, supplies, food and water, Eugenia’s daughters have set up this page to get emergency funds to our mother and her friends and to begin the construction of a new residential roof.  The funds may also be used to initially evacuate our mother with her pet cats. She is 75 years of age and due to her age and general responsiveness, we believe that she may be very stressed and would need to be with her family in Trinidad and Tobago to fully recuperate before going back to see about her property in due time. Please be as generous as you can.  Thank you!