Creole cuisine to play a major role during the 30th Festival Kreol in the Seychelles

ATC News by Wolfgang H. Thome

When later this year the Creole world comes to the Seychelles to celebrate all things Creole, art, music, poetry, culture and of course food, will local chefs play their part in celebrating thirty years of this unique festival which helped Creole people from around the world to discover their roots, ties and help the birth of the Creole Nation.

Seychelles’ Minister of Tourism and Culture this evening shared Chef Diolan Barra’s career path and passion for Creole cuisine and no doubt will Diolan’s culinary creations also feature in October when the Festival Kreol brings thousands of visitors of Creole origin from around the world to the Seychelles capital of Victoria, aptly called

Seychellois chef takes local cuisine to new heights

The Seychelles’ creole cuisine is one unique aspect of the culture of these mid-ocean islands. The local spices and Creole touch, all add to what makes the Seychelles’ cuisine unique by a thousand miles.

There are many chefs in Seychelles who have dedicated their time and develop passion for the local cuisine, taking it to new heights.

Diolan Barra, is one of those chefs who have excelled in bringing our local cuisine to becoming one of the most-talked about by our visitors.

Mr Barra is a chef working at the Cerf Island Resort for the last nine years, soon to clock a decade at the establishment located on the coast of this enchanted island lying in the Sainte Anne marine park.

Having spent 30 years in the tourism industry, is a feat achieved by this talented chef, who is always eager to learn and be more creative in the kitchen.

Clocking so many years, is not an easy thing but it takes perseverance, dedication and most of all one must love the job.

“I am happy to help bring the pillar of our economy to another level. I have been in this industry for so many years and I have witness how it has grown,” he said.

“Cooking is my passion and I want to be a role model for the young ones who are the future of this industry.”

One thing which amazes everyone is that for almost a decade Mr Barra has been travelling from Mahe to Cerf island on a daily basis, rough or calm seas, he has always been ready for his work. A main concern on the island is being able to retain employees but Mr Barra has been devoted to his job that crossing from one island to another has never been a problem.


Mr Barra is a one-of-a-kind chef. He does not only prepare his dishes and serves to his clients, but the way he welcomes and bonds with his clients, is amazing.

He shares tips and recipes to his clients who often want to know how to prepare some of the dishes he serves, but like all chefs, not all secrets are revealed.

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