International Creole Month 2019 - Trinidad and Tobago Edition

International Creole Month 2019 - Trinidad and Tobago Edition

Annou alé ansanm! Let’s move forward together!

Once again, we are pleased to announce an exciting series events for International Creole Month, right here in T&T! October is also Calypso History Month (see Tuco Trinidad-Tobago’s page). Let’s never forget that Patois is the root language of Kaiso!
Join with us as we celebrate International Creole Month T&T styling from Talparo to St Augustine to Port of Spain to Paramin! Check out our Calendar of Events on Google here and on Trello here.

2019 Creole Calendar of Events in Trinidad and Tobago on Trello

Here is an overview of events celebrating Creole Language and Culture
  1. Roman Catholic Masses
There will be three Patois/Kwéyòl masses in three (3) parishes:

One of three (3) Creole masses across the country

2. Creole Day Celebrations
Still in Talparo, the Talparo R.C. School celebrates Creole Month on Thursday 24 October, starting at 1:00 p.m.
The Alliance Française celebrates Creole Month in style with an exciting bèlè workshop (Gregor Breedy and Emelda Lynch-Griffith), and a vibrant panel discussion on the French and French Creole influences that permeate the heart and soul of Trinidad and Tobago with Dr Jo-Anne S. Ferreira (UWI, St Augustine), Nnamdi Hodge (Couva Secondary), Michelle Mora (Talparo RC School), and Claudette Sinnette of Maraval. Keep in touch with the event, Le Mois Kréyol #3, here.

Alliance Française of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Check out the Creole events around the world, and visit the Le Mois Kréyol website.

See what's happening in la Créolophonie or Bannzil Kwéyòl!

At the The Alma Jordan Library at the UWI St. Augustine, visit the display on John Jacob Thomas.

Display on John Jacob Thomas at the Humanities Division, AJ Library

On Wednesday 9 October 2019, Dr Travis Weekes gives a talk on “Caribbean Theatre and the Heritage of French Creole” at DCFA’s Creative Hour.

DCFA Creative Hour

On Thursday 31 October 2019, UWI, St Augustine celebrates International Creole Month, through the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics, and the Department of Creative and Festival Arts. The focus is on John Jacob Thomas’ groundbreaking linguistic work on French Creole, The Theory and Practice of Creole Grammar. We celebrate celebrating 150 years of this pioneering work.

International Creole Month

Join us for the UWI, St Augustine event here. The two Departments (DMLL and DCFA) come together to explore our rich Caribbean Creole heritage in:
  • theatre, led by well-known St Lucian theatre director and playwright, Dr Travis Weekes,
  • Creole films
  • Creole head wraps with Nicole Taylor
  • French-lexicon Creole student posters
  • Cocoa tea with the Cocoa Research Centre (CRC)
  • Creole songs, and
  • a discussion between Professor Emeritus Lawrence D. Carrington and Professor Emerita Bridget Brereton on John Jacob Thomas, Trinidad’s 19th century intellectual.
Prof Carrington was recently awarded the Chaconia Gold for Language and Development, for his work on French Creole (Patois, Kwéyòl). The Chaconia Medal (Gold) may be awarded for long and meritorious service, tending to promote the national welfare or strengthen the community spirit in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

According to the Citation read on Republic Day, “Professor Lawrence Carrington, Professor Emeritus, University of the West Indies, in the spheres of language and development. Lifelong academic and educator, Lawrence Carrington has played a key role in the development of the French Creole language in the Caribbean. Professor Carrington has conducted extensive research on the nature of Creole languages and has served at the highest levels of administration throughout the region. As Pro Vice-Chancellor of UWI, he led the development of the UWI Open Campus. A prolific author, Prof Carrington has produced scores of influential publications and spearheaded the development of a common spelling system of French Creoles of the Eastern Caribbean.”

Prof Bridget Brereton is one of our most eminent historians, and has written about John Jacob Thomas and much more. Here are some articles by Prof Brereton about John Jacob Thomas:
  1. Creole Grammar
  2. Froudacity
  3. Creole Grammar after 150 Years
The Caribbean Yard Campus continues its Patois (French Creole) classes.

Caribbean Yard Campus - Rainy Season Programme 2019

Come and join us! Vini jwenn nou!