Frantz FANON
Paulette NARDAL
Price MARS
Jacques-Stephen ALEXIS
Léon-Gontran DAMAS
Edouard Jacques MAUNICK
Saint-John PERSE
Maximilien LAROCHE
Aude-Emmanuelle HOAREAU



{La Guadeloupe se prépare à accueillir le 1er Congrès International des Ecrivains de la Caraïbe du mardi 25 au vendredi 28 novembre 2008. Un vrai pari, vu l'océan de diversalité que représentent les plumes en plein envol de notre région du monde...}

Many oblique attempts have been made to marginalize Indians in (Guyana) in terms of their contribution to the literary culture in the macro Caribbean milieu.

Several times, prominent personalities have similarly made sniping remarks in the Caribbean with the same kind of snide message. In a more covert manner in the USA, whether intentional or otherwise, organizations, radio, television and colleges are portraying the Caribbean people as Blacks with only an African culture.

Examples on the internet, on television Caribbean Classroom, Caribbean Dancehall, and others.

Within the Caribbean the 'others' are being constantly bombarded with cultural indignity and identity insults brought about by being declared invisible people.

The perception that is inculcated is real, and denies the reality that the Caribbean is plural in make-up, having people who are Amerindians, Chinese, Portuguese, Whites, Indians and Mixed.

While it is indeed true that Blacks predominate in the overall Caribbean landscape, it is however a fact that in Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad there is a majority of Indians in the population.

For historical reason (that is obvious), Blacks got a head start in the education system, and eventually became the police, civil servants, teachers and professionals. But in the course of time, other peoples found niches within these spheres of activities.

And this must be recognized as a matter of fact, rather than tangentially denied.

As an example, why is it that in a review by Stewart Brown in the Globe and Mail of 'All Are Involved: The Art of Martin Carter' many poets, writers, and authors from the Caribbean are listed, and only one Indian (David Dabydeen) mentioned and given recognition?

The others are: Aimé Césaire, Derek Walcott, Nicholas Guillen, John Agard, Kamau Brathwaite, Stewart Brown, Fred D'Aguiar, Kwame Dawes, Michael Gilkes, Wilson Harris, Roy Heath, Kendel Hippolyte, Louis James, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Eusi Kwayana, George Lamming, Ian McDonald, Mark McWatt, Mervyn Morris, Grace Nichols, Gordon Rohlehr, Andew Salkey.

While these individuals are quite worthy, surely there should be at least gracious mention of the many other Caribbean personalities in literature.

Are there no other Indians in the Caribbean?

Is David Dabydeen the 'token' Indian? Does the reviewer not know of the many Indians who are well recognized and documented in the field of literature?

Something is amiss here!

Thus it is that the compilation of the Indo-Caribbean writers is being motivated (as one aspect of the Indo-Caribbean Arts & Culture
Workshop Series,a collaboration between the Association of Artists & Writers, Inc. and The Rajkmuari Cultural Center, New York) to draw attention….

The project aims to document Indo-Caribbean poets/writers/authors, as well as work about the Indo-Caribbeans. Articles in newspapers, magazines and learned journals are not considered at this time.

Obviously, these will be too numerous.

The list is not complete and will continue to be a work in progress.

Your input for updates are welcome.

Thank you

{{Gary Girdhari}}

PHOTO : L'écrivain guyanien David Dabydeen
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